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Home Staging

Enhance your property to sell it better and faster.

Is it time to sell your property?

First impressions have a decisive impact on visitor perception and ability to imagine themselves living in your home. This is why you should put all the chances on your side.

A lot of elements can help to enhance your home in order to sell it better and faster. Some are simple to implement; others request costs that will, in any case be recovered at the time of the sale. Practically speaking, the basic principles are as follows: de-cluttering, depersonalizing, cleaning, harmonizing the decoration and arrangement of furniture, or even changing some of the furniture.

Result: The house will be sold faster than a comparable one on the market with, in addition, an increase of the selling price. This is called a good return on investment.

Why work or retouching?
What renovations are worthwhile?
Are there any tips to enhance my home?